Leardership University to host the Transforming Leadership and governance seminar (MYCC4)

The International Leadership University is set to welcome the country’s largest annual youth gathering on sustainable development goals to its campus later this year.

Leadership is the official host for the Ministry of Youth and Culture Conference of Youth (MYCC), which will be held at the University’s city-center campus in partnership with its student association.

The event will take place in August 2020. MYCC4 is designed to help prepare young people for their participation in SDG and ensure that the voice of youth is heard. Delegates from all over the country will attend the event at Leadership University. 

The University is working with MYCC4 organisers to ensure the conference is delivered in a safe and secure way, in line with COVID-19 restrictions.

MYCC is now in its 4th year and is recognized as the most significant youth gathering of its kind with its capacity to directly influence the UN sustainable development goals. One of the major outputs of MYCC4 is a policy document crafted by attendees, which will be considered by members of MYCC4 as part of the negotiation process. 

The youth conference helps young activists to form a nationwide network of change makers through workshops, cultural events and policy training. Leadership students will have the unique opportunity to join the 8-day conference and take part in a number of development action activities.

Dr. David Niyonzima, Vice-Chancellor of the International Leadership University, said:

I am delighted that the International Leadership University is the official host of this year’s Conference Youth. The Conference objectives reflect well our positioning as a leading International Leadership University that seeks to be Socially Progressive.

As we welcome MYCC4 to the city of Bujumbura and to Leadership University, it is clear that students and young people are inspiring ambassadors for sustainable development and this event gives them an exciting platform to make their voices heard.

The actions and outcomes of MYCC4 are crucial to the negotiations and the University is proud to play its part in this significant contribution to MYCC4 delivery.

The whole Leadership community is working hard to achieve net zero emissions and to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. The MYCC4 delegates will be made to feel very welcome in August.”

The COY16 Coordination Committee said:

MYCC4 will run from 1st to 8th August and, depending on COVID-19 restrictions, is expected to take place in Leadership’s new 60M Fbu Learning and Teaching Building. The flagship facility is home to leading-edge teaching facilities, as well as a new home for student support services and the Students’ Union.

Leadership is amongst the top universities in Burundi whose work is contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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